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Chippewa Ghost 7th Sep 2017, 8:01 PM edit delete
Chippewa Ghost
Time for some unabashed antisemitism!

In other news, Keith Schiller left the White House.


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Microraptor 7th Sep 2017, 8:19 PM edit delete reply
Now I wonder: Was it Hammerskol's idea to call her "Queen", or did Tona demand this? Is it her secret plan now to install a monarchy in the US??

Re: Keith Schiller (and Bannon and, some others): If this trend continues, Trump will soon end up sitting completely alone in a deserted White House! :-D
Jay042 7th Sep 2017, 8:21 PM edit delete reply
Nah, there will always be incompetent suck-ups willing to take their place.
Chippewa Ghost 7th Sep 2017, 8:29 PM edit delete reply
Chippewa Ghost
@Fabs: Leif Hammerskol has always had a most deferential attitude towards Tona.

@Jay: Case in point--that dang Huckabee-Sanders!
Seabiscuit 7th Sep 2017, 11:17 PM edit delete reply
Oh boy, such language...
-snerk- ... "Queen"
Chippewa Ghost 8th Sep 2017, 9:30 PM edit delete reply
Chippewa Ghost
Hammerskol talks like he's in like a live-action, racist Game of Thrones.
NeilKapit 7th Sep 2017, 11:22 PM edit delete reply
I'm guessing Hammerskol is supposed to be a Hammarskjold but it was englishized because he couldn't spell skull, let alone skjold?
Chippewa Ghost 8th Sep 2017, 9:30 PM edit delete reply
Chippewa Ghost
Yeah, I'm pretty sure that "Hammerskol" is not his birth name.
anonymous coward 8th Sep 2017, 12:14 AM edit delete reply
Does calling someone a 'Jewess' even still count as racism/bigotry in America? Standards of what is and isn't considered tolerable in there have been slipping lately.

I'm still waiting for people to admit that Trump isn't really your President. It's all a big show to distract people while the assholes behind the curtain ban elections, institute perpetual martial law, and conscript everyone that isn't rich or connected enough, right? That's the only sense I can make of cops and the FBI spending more effort hunting Antifa than Neo-Nazis.
Chippewa Ghost 8th Sep 2017, 2:48 PM edit delete reply
Chippewa Ghost
Wouldn't it be nice if there was someone behind the curtain? No, what you're watching play out with MAGA and ISIS and countless other reactionaries are the caustic effects of widespread self-pity in the face of a near vertical pace of technological change.

And it's not what you say, it's how you say it.
anonymous coward 8th Sep 2017, 3:52 PM edit delete reply
Don't overestimate technological change as a factor in the current socioeconomic SNAFU. Yes, it is one, but there is a bigger and more direct cause for the mass layoffs that killed 'good factory jobs' and most of the red-state industries other than oil and military: The US-Canada "free trade agreement," NAFTA, and all the other "free trade treaties" in that vein were a deregulation scheme dreamed up by the Reagan and Bush people to do by treaty obligations what would otherwise take hundreds of controversial laws to achieve in eliminating labour, environmental and consumer protections and other "burdensome regulations."
BUMBLEBEE 8th Sep 2017, 9:24 PM edit delete reply
I think its in the context... when a guy with a swastika tattoo says "Jew" he doesn't mean it in a neutral way...
Chippewa Ghost 8th Sep 2017, 10:26 PM edit delete reply
Chippewa Ghost
@BB: Most outlandish "white nationalist" (and really, why are we using that ridiculous term? they're merely an upgraded version of dem John Birch racists) claim that I've encountered yet--that Trump is not to be trusted because he "gave" his daughter to the Jews.

I mean, I'll tear on Trump three times a week in color er in a limited palette for his wholesale gutting of American governmental norms, but Ivanka's marriage to Kushner is one thing I won't step on. Their marriage is a wonderful bright glen in the deep forest of Daddy's shitty personal life.
anonymous coward 8th Sep 2017, 11:12 PM edit delete reply
Fair assumption, Hammerskol probably does have Neo-Nazi sympathies, beliefs, and/or associations if he doesn't cover or redraw that hakenkreuz.
Cooke 8th Sep 2017, 3:31 PM edit delete reply
Well, so much for washing the dirt clean...
Chippewa Ghost 8th Sep 2017, 3:54 PM edit delete reply
Chippewa Ghost
Tona can't run or hide (or swim) from her destiny!
ProfEtheric 12th Sep 2017, 7:55 PM edit delete reply
Aw, crap... here we go...
AugustaCaesar 13th Apr 2018, 10:07 PM edit delete reply
Oh my goodness, how I long for the day when men flock to and call me their Queen. XD
Chippewa Ghost 13th Apr 2018, 11:50 PM edit delete reply
Chippewa Ghost
ha ha ha but make sure you have quality subjects